Monthly Archives: July 2015

Illuminated Hashtag #SayHerName Beamed Over Milwaukee Skyline Music Series

We gathered on a hill overlooking the city of Milwaukee, a crowd in the park below leaving a lovely summer music event. A woman’s voice called out, “Say her name!” and the women who held the letters chanted “Tanisha Anderson, Rekia Boyd, Sandra Bland, Shelly Frey, Kayla Moore, Alberta Spruill, Michelle Cusseux, Shantel Davis, Alesia … Continue reading Illuminated Hashtag #SayHerName Beamed Over Milwaukee Skyline Music Series

What’s The Holdup, Feds?

“Justice delayed is justice denied.” That’s the way Nate Hamilton described the seven months his family has waited since it was announced the U.S. Justice Department was launching a federal investigation into the death of his brother, Dontre. Dontre Hamilton was gunned down at Red Arrow Park in April of 2014 by a Milwaukee police … Continue reading What’s The Holdup, Feds?

Walker For Prison

We’ve been in the streets fighting the corruption of the Walker regime for four years, trying to inform the state and the nation about his sociopathic personality and failed Koch-driven policies. It was great to get back to our roots tonight, back onto a bridge over I-43 in Milwaukee, and what a treat to see … Continue reading Walker For Prison

Daylight Brigade vs. Bomb Trains

It is hard to get everyone lined up correctly so that the letters spell the words BAN THE OIL BOMB TRAINS in front of the tracks in Wauwatosa, WI, where dozens of trains carrying hundreds of oil tankers thunder pass throughout the week. It is harder than it looks. People turn to talk with each … Continue reading Daylight Brigade vs. Bomb Trains

The Walker Budget is a Fiasco

Governor Walker’s state budget is a fiasco! It does not represent the interest of the state’s residents, but instead is a giveaway to special interests and is only being used as a launching pad for Walker’s presidential aspirations. He and his GOP controlled legislature are abusing the budget process to stick in a litany of … Continue reading The Walker Budget is a Fiasco

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele Is Not Our King!

Hail no, Abele! We stood outside Abele’s luxury downtown condo Tuesday night to ask why he is not representing the will of Milwaukee and instead is only serving the needs of special interests. In the past several months and weeks he has… Accepted a role facilitating the takeover of five Milwaukee Public Schools each year, … Continue reading Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele Is Not Our King!