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Disarm the NRA

Share Tweet Google Plus Even with snow predicted, we knew that we would get Holders of the Light to come out last night in order to display a message against the stranglehold regarding access to high-power military-grade weaponry that the NRA has on this country. We don’t need here to outline the absolute lunacy of … Continue reading Disarm the NRA

Death Cult America

Share Tweet Google Plus We at OLB discussed the writing of a small reaction piece to the dreadful massacre in Las Vegas. We balked, feeling numb to the anger, fear and violence of our times in the USA. “What is there to say,” we asked, “that hasn’t been said over and over hundreds of times?” … Continue reading Death Cult America

Cold Feet, Warm Hearts: Reflection on Women’s March

Share Tweet Google Plus Editor’s Note: OLB invited poet and activist Margaret Rozga to reflect on her experience in DC at the women’s march, which she attended with her daughter, Christine Groppi. The following is her account of the march, among other points of resistance and solidarity that fill her life. As a small group … Continue reading Cold Feet, Warm Hearts: Reflection on Women’s March

Walker For Prison

Share Tweet Google Plus We’ve been in the streets fighting the corruption of the Walker regime for four years, trying to inform the state and the nation about his sociopathic personality and failed Koch-driven policies. It was great to get back to our roots tonight, back onto a bridge over I-43 in Milwaukee, and what … Continue reading Walker For Prison