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Hate’s Insidious Face: UW-Milwaukee and the “Alt-Right”

Last night, Milo Yiannopoulos’s “Dangerous Faggot Tour” came to UW-Milwaukee, hosted  by a student front group, also responsible for the somewhat lame exercise in neo-McCarthyism, the “Professor Watchlist.” For over a month, faculty, staff and students have been expressing concern about the known dynamics of Milo Y, a kind of sly and slick performance of … Continue reading Hate’s Insidious Face: UW-Milwaukee and the “Alt-Right”

News From the Sacred Fire

Writing and above photo by Barbara With Today, Chief Arvol Looking Horse held a ceremony around the sacred fire. The purpose was to hear a report from the UN representatives who have been investigating the allegations of human rights abuses and to bless the belongings of the people who had been jailed. The UN representative, … Continue reading News From the Sacred Fire

Standing Rock Will Prevail

By Barbara With, October 29, 2016 All photos by Barbara With, except “Boys On Horses,” by Joe Brusky Today I made my first visit to the Sacred Stone Camps, the now-famous water protector settlement in Standing Rock, North Dakota. I arrived at Standing Rock casino well past midnight and arose early the next day to get to … Continue reading Standing Rock Will Prevail

Drone To Be Wild

It was horsemanship day at the Red Warrior Camp in Cannon Ball, North Dakota, and we had set ourselves up in the minimal shade of a small break of willow trees. It was the only shade around, and people drifted in to watch the riding events, joining us away from the blistering sun. We started … Continue reading Drone To Be Wild

Student Coalitions Rise Against Trump Hate

We arrived early to the eerily fortified University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee campus, cameras in hand. Police were everywhere, whole sections cordoned off with temporary metal barricades, motorcycle cops buzzed the neighborhood, and sniffing dogs, nose to the ground, moved in their purposeful patterns zigzagging their handlers behind them. Donald Trump would be appearing in a … Continue reading Student Coalitions Rise Against Trump Hate

Milwaukee Has Had Enough of Chris Abele

We greeted those arriving to the Music Under Glass event at the Mitchell Park Domes, Thursday night, to remind them that it was the current County Executive Chris Abele whose mismanagement put the future of this Milwaukee landmark in jeopardy. Unfortunately for Milwaukee, Abele’s destruction doesn’t end here. Milwaukee has over $200 million in deferred … Continue reading Milwaukee Has Had Enough of Chris Abele

Privatized Water: All About the Profit

Food and Water Watch has just published a report: The State of Public Water in the United States. It is an excellent read, filled with history of public water utilities and useful data about the cost of water across the country, from both public and private, for-profit providers. It’s also long, so here are some … Continue reading Privatized Water: All About the Profit

Is Wisconsin the Next Flint?

By Michael H. Carriere As the national spotlight remains on Flint, Michigan, Republicans in another Midwestern state – Wisconsin – are quietly easing restrictions on the private purchase of municipal water systems. This attempt to privatize water and sewer utilities is just the latest in a long line of policies put forward by Wisconsin Republicans to … Continue reading Is Wisconsin the Next Flint?

There Is No Clean Water Without Clean Government

A reporter at Wednesday’s press conference in Milwaukee asked Senator Larson (D) a question about the validity of the comparison between the toxic poisoning in Flint, Michigan, and the Water Privatization Bill (SB432 and AB554) that is moving through the Republican controlled Wisconsin legislature faster than cherry pits through a coyote. “After all,” the reporter … Continue reading There Is No Clean Water Without Clean Government