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Water Unites Us

In 2014, the Milwaukee Water Commons began what was to become their annual celebration of water, “We Are Water” – an event that takes place in August on the shore of Lake Michigan. On the evening of Sunday, August 14, OLB joined the celebration of water set at the South Shore Park Beach. “Somos Agua,” … Continue reading Water Unites Us

Disarm the NRA

Even with snow predicted, we knew that we would get Holders of the Light to come out last night in order to display a message against the stranglehold regarding access to high-power military-grade weaponry that the NRA has on this country. We don’t need here to outline the absolute lunacy of a society devouring itself, … Continue reading Disarm the NRA

Overpass Light Brigade – San Diego: Context is Everything!

Light Brigade actions take on their meaning from the context of people and places. The Overpass Light Brigade – San Diego  continues to create vivid and powerful visual messages at the nation’s southern border, on local overpasses, and recently by adding to a famous Bruce Nauman piece of public art on the UCSD campus, which illuminates … Continue reading Overpass Light Brigade – San Diego: Context is Everything!

Water People Unite: Reflections on Ice

Driving up highway 13 the other night, just north of Washburn, WI, you might have seen a strange sight if you looked through the willow and dogwood and cattails and reeds towards the beach. Weird lighted letters were dancing down the coast, lining up on the sand bar where the Sioux River cuts into the … Continue reading Water People Unite: Reflections on Ice

Cold Feet, Warm Hearts: Reflection on Women’s March

Editor’s Note: OLB invited poet and activist Margaret Rozga to reflect on her experience in DC at the women’s march, which she attended with her daughter, Christine Groppi. The following is her account of the march, among other points of resistance and solidarity that fill her life. As a small group assembled for a recent … Continue reading Cold Feet, Warm Hearts: Reflection on Women’s March

Twice Betrayed: Deported Vets Struggle to Belong

Editor’s Note: OLB invited writer, veteran and medic Jacob Thomas to document his work with veterans who have served in the U.S. military, but were subsequently deported to Mexico. There are true American patriots in the world. There are people who believe in the principals set forth by the founding fathers, believe in the inalienable rights of … Continue reading Twice Betrayed: Deported Vets Struggle to Belong

Hate’s Insidious Face: UW-Milwaukee and the “Alt-Right”

Last night, Milo Yiannopoulos’s “Dangerous Faggot Tour” came to UW-Milwaukee, hosted  by a student front group, also responsible for the somewhat lame exercise in neo-McCarthyism, the “Professor Watchlist.” For over a month, faculty, staff and students have been expressing concern about the known dynamics of Milo Y, a kind of sly and slick performance of … Continue reading Hate’s Insidious Face: UW-Milwaukee and the “Alt-Right”

News From the Sacred Fire

Writing and above photo by Barbara With Today, Chief Arvol Looking Horse held a ceremony around the sacred fire. The purpose was to hear a report from the UN representatives who have been investigating the allegations of human rights abuses and to bless the belongings of the people who had been jailed. The UN representative, … Continue reading News From the Sacred Fire

Standing Rock Will Prevail

By Barbara With, October 29, 2016 All photos by Barbara With, except “Boys On Horses,” by Joe Brusky Today I made my first visit to the Sacred Stone Camps, the now-famous water protector settlement in Standing Rock, North Dakota. I arrived at Standing Rock casino well past midnight and arose early the next day to get to … Continue reading Standing Rock Will Prevail