Monthly Archives: January 2015

An Evening with Young Gifted and Black Coalition in Madison

Share Tweet Google Plus The Young Gifted and Black Coalition out of Madison, WI, has been making public calls for reduced policing and incarceration through rallies, marches, and speakers for months, and OLB was excited to have the opportunity to finally join them in their fight last Friday night. When we arrived, we laid our lights out … Continue reading An Evening with Young Gifted and Black Coalition in Madison

Conflict Kitchen

Share Tweet Google Plus There is nothing more powerful for community building than breaking bread together. Conflict Kitchen is an art and food project in Pittsburgh that focusses on serving cuisine from areas with which the U.S is in conflict. Currently, they are focussing on Palestine, though have served the foods of Afghanistan, North Korea, … Continue reading Conflict Kitchen

A Suit for MLK Jr.

Share Tweet Google Plus David Dunlap is a one-man art movement out of Iowa City, practicing what is now known as “social practice” way before anyone coined the term. We’ve long admired his work invoking the visionary and spiritual power of social justice leaders. History tends to sanitize these iconic figures, and David’s work brings … Continue reading A Suit for MLK Jr.

Our New Site

Share Tweet Google Plus Overpass Light Brigade has undergone a facelift to become more mobile-friendly and add a section for news stories and other posts of interest. Watch this space! More coming soon!