Milwaukee Has Had Enough of Chris Abele

Photo credits: Joe Brusky - Overpass Light Brigade
Photo credit: Joe Brusky – Overpass Light Brigade
We greeted those arriving to the Music Under Glass event at the Mitchell Park Domes, Thursday night, to remind them that it was the current County Executive Chris Abele whose mismanagement put the future of this Milwaukee landmark in jeopardy. Unfortunately for Milwaukee, Abele’s destruction doesn’t end here.

Milwaukee has over $200 million in deferred park maintenance, including up to $75 million for these famous Domes. County Executive Chris Abele has vetoed long-term plans for parks funding as well as the County Board’s allocation of funds for various parks projects.
Public hearing at Washington park Senior Center with Abele’s Takeover Czar Demond Means 2/2016 (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).


Abele seems as intent on ruing our public schools as much his assault, through neglect, on our parks. Last year, at the behest of suburban Republican legislators, Boss Abele appointed a so-called commissioner who then set up a deal to give several MPS schools over to private operators. If he is re-elected, he will be stepping up this assault on these civic institutions after the April elections. That is why it is important for Milwaukee County to change direction.

He’s completely obliterated the County Board in order to consolidate his own power. He also negotiated in poor faith with the city’s ATU Local 998 transit workers who ended up in a three day work stoppage in order to get a fair contract.
We held this message and beamed this projection on County Executive Chris Abele's downtown condo on Tuesday night.
We held this message and beamed this projection on County Executive Chris Abele’s downtown condo 7/2015 (Photo credit: Joe Brusky).

We can do better! How many more Overpass Light Brigade messages do we need to hold before Milwaukee realizes need to turn the lights out on Chris Abele on April 5th?
Photo credit: Michael Matheson
Madison OLB action in advance of Recall Election (Photo credit: Michael Matheson).