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We Hate Bullies & We Hate Bigots

We hate bullies and we hate bigots so when OLB was asked to convene to help a young group of LBGTQ+ students and citizens in Madison, WI, we didn’t hesitate. The Light Brigades have been around for a while now, almost twelve years, and the lighted panels needed some TLC to spark ‘em up, but … Continue reading We Hate Bullies & We Hate Bigots

Water Unites Us

In 2014, the Milwaukee Water Commons began what was to become their annual celebration of water, “We Are Water” – an event that takes place in August on the shore of Lake Michigan. On the evening of Sunday, August 14, OLB joined the celebration of water set at the South Shore Park Beach. “Somos Agua,” … Continue reading Water Unites Us

Report from DAPL Protest: Cannon Ball, North Dakota

After weeks of media silence, with only whispers of “DAPL” or “Sacred Stone” or “Standing Rock” in social media and the alternative press, the Dakota Access Pipeline protest has hit the media with a loud bang. “Oil Pipeline Protest Turns Violent in North Dakota.” “Violence Erupts as Native Americans Resist Oil Pipeline.” “Violence Erupts At … Continue reading Report from DAPL Protest: Cannon Ball, North Dakota

Privatized Water: All About the Profit

Food and Water Watch has just published a report: The State of Public Water in the United States. It is an excellent read, filled with history of public water utilities and useful data about the cost of water across the country, from both public and private, for-profit providers. It’s also long, so here are some … Continue reading Privatized Water: All About the Profit

Who is Aqua America?

This is how the legislative process now works in Wisconsin. A company called Aqua America registers as a lobbyist, hires former Republican legislator and Assembly Majority Leader Steven Foti as a lobbyist, and he works to get a new law passed that will bring business for Aqua. The company has had success nationally selling its … Continue reading Who is Aqua America?

Community Building Through Light Brigading

Illumination Against Gentrification. Photo by Patrick Chang. In Beautiful Trouble: A Toolbox For Revolution, the tactic “Light Brigading” is described “To broadcast a message through collective action; to frame nighttime actions with a key message; to make creative use of overlooked public spaces.” The end of 2015 brings us an inspirational collaborative project: “Illumination Against … Continue reading Community Building Through Light Brigading

Our New Site

Overpass Light Brigade has undergone a facelift to become more mobile-friendly and add a section for news stories and other posts of interest. Watch this space! More coming soon!