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Privatized Water: All About the Profit

Food and Water Watch has just published a report: The State of Public Water in the United States. It is an excellent read, filled with history of public water utilities and useful data about the cost of water across the country, from both public and private, for-profit providers. It’s also long, so here are some … Continue reading Privatized Water: All About the Profit

Who is Aqua America?

This is how the legislative process now works in Wisconsin. A company called Aqua America registers as a lobbyist, hires former Republican legislator and Assembly Majority Leader Steven Foti as a lobbyist, and he works to get a new law passed that will bring business for Aqua. The company has had success nationally selling its … Continue reading Who is Aqua America?

From Flint to Madison: Our Water is Under Attack!

ACTION REQUEST: Be sure to contact the Wisconsin State Senators on the Workforce Development Committee to register your opposition to SB432 (aka AB554). Senator Roger Roth: Sen.Roth@legis.wisconsin.gov Senator Richard Gudex: Sen.Gudex@legis.wisconsin.gov Senator Duey Stroebel: Sen.Stroebel@legis.wisconsin.gov Senator Chris Larson: Sen.Larson@legis.wisconsin.gov Senator Julie M Lassa: Sen.Lassa@legis.wisconsin.gov +++++ There is a bill rapidly working its way through the … Continue reading From Flint to Madison: Our Water is Under Attack!